Experience the Magic of Tulsa at Guthrie Green

When people think of Tulsa, Oklahoma, the first thought is usually the endless beauty of the rolling hills, sprawling plains, and lush forests. But a hidden gem in Tulsa is well worth visiting – Guthrie Green. Guthrie Green is a park in the heart of downtown Tulsa that provides locals and visitors alike with a beautiful outdoor experience and is the perfect spot for a day out with friends. Guthrie Green is located in the Brady Arts District in Tulsa. It has recently become a thriving cultural hub for the city and is known for its many museums, galleries, and other cultural venues. Guthrie Green stands out among these attractions because of its unique natural and urban beauty combination. The entire park is landscaped with lush green lawns, inviting gardens, and shady trees and is bordered by scenic sidewalks and winding paths that meander around the park. Learn more here.

The park’s center has a large open area with a stage and various seating options, making it the perfect place to gather and relax in the sun or listen to music. The park also plays host to a variety of events throughout the year. Guthrie Green has hosted live music concerts, theatrical performances, and outdoor movies, allowing everyone to experience something new and exciting each time they visit. Each event has something unique to offer and can be a great way to explore Tulsa’s culture and arts scene, from classical music to comedy shows and film screenings to outdoor plays. The park also has plenty of activities for visitors to Guthrie Green. One of the highlights is the outdoor skate park with plenty of ramps for skateboarding and BMX tricks. If you’re looking for something different, stroll through the park’s Pollinator Garden and observe Tulsa’s diverse range of native insects and animals. There’s a zip line for thrilling rides above the park for the more adventurous folk. Learn more about The Grand Gathering Place: Experiencing Tulsa’s Crown Jewel.