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We Will “Take You By The Hand” in Every Aspect of Your Business.

Without a blueprint, it is very difficult to know what you are building. For the successful business, a Strategic Business Plan is instrumental to making sure your company has clarity of direction, a unified vision, and that all key members and employees have the proper focus on the tasks at hand.

Our Strategic Business Consulting Services help you develop the Strategic Business Plan that will assure your business moves forward and succeeds. In developing the Plan, we help you break your company down into the core components. How is the company defined? What are your products? Who are your competitors? How will the company be managed? What are the processes for ensuring financial health and approaching business risks?

You will benefit from our Strategic Business Consulting services if…

  • You are starting a new business or enterprise.
  • You are expanding a current business, or adding a new product or service to an existing business.
  • You are buying a business, product, or service.
  • You are trying to turn around a failing business.

We will help you identify the weak spots in your Business Plan or plan for any elements that you have not previously addressed. In order to push your business to the next competitive level, you must…

  • Identify your target population, product or services, and the advantages you offer over your competitors.
  • Fully research the ways the need you have identified is currently being fulfilled.
  • Gain an understanding of the market, develop campaigns and timelines for promoting your business, and project the results of such campaigns.
  • Formulate a plan for staffing your business, including an identifying set of skills and expertise that will be required to secure the future of your business.
  • Complete management plans and systems required to run your business.
  • Outline financial necessities, including start-up costs, operating costs, income projections and analysis.
  • Identify all building and equipment needs.
  • Create timelines for all current or initial products as well as projected projects.

A solid Strategic Business Plan will not only help you to obtain financing for your business, it will help to assure that all your bases are covered as you begin or continue your venture.


What People Are Saying…

“Fran has been great helping me and my family these past years. She is always very fast responding to us and one of the most reliable people that I’ve worked with. Definitely happy to have her on our side and excited to continue working with her!”

– Hung Sieng

“Lacey was so informative about Interstate Business Management. We are in the process of starting a new company and will definitely be okay using this company when we open.”

– Freddie Schubert

“I always getting good and quality service from miss fan. She is doing excellent service.”

– Nahida Sultana

“They have provided me with good service over the last 7 years–need something, have a problem, talk to Fran!”

– Philip Buckler

“IBM is a great company to work with. They have a pick-up and drop-off service which is part of the monthly service charge. The system is simple and easy. Drop all receipts, etc into the provided bellows folder and they pick it up and do all the rest. They also offer a discounted tax filing for their customers.

Our account Rep. has been so helpful and quick to respond to all questions and concerns. Highly recommend them.”

– George Bean

“Lacey is a very welcoming and happy person. She helped me understand how my business could benefit from onboarding with Interstate Businesses Management. I look forward to working with them in the future. The best part is they come to you!”

– Charlie Schubert

“I stopped by IBM to verify if an IRS letter I received was legitimate. Fran, tax advisor, called the IRS agent to verified that the letter was from her. Fran immediately took control of the situation for me. She is very professional and went over & beyond her scope of duties to help me! And on top of it all, Fran’s hourly rate is VERY reasonable!!”

– Tonya Wilson

“The Office Manager. Fran is fantastic!! She really knows her stuff!! I will definitely send anyone I can to IBM!!”

– Niki Younger

“Fran Is very knowledgeable and helpfull”

– Frank Bowman

“Pat is amazing. They took care of my business taxes for years, and my personal as well. John is great, the whole team is top notch. Make an appointment quick. Pat sells out like the Rolling Stones.”

– Slow hand Tulsa

“What makes IBM different is most businesses today do not offer the Customer Service that used to be a norm. IBM doesn’t just answer questions while you are there in front of them, they quickly respond to questions and/or concerns long after you have left the office. Wouldn’t use anyone else for our business.”

– Karen Stewart

“Fran is so informative and very professional. She always has the best attitude. And doesn’t mind when I have many questions. I will use her for my tax services from here on out.”

“Always we are getting good quality services, fran is really understandable so I am really satisfied her cooperation,”

-Helix Force

“There great book keeper. We been with I.B.M. for just over 25 years now they all ways done right and help us when we needed it so what do you think? I think there great”

– Stephen Nail

“I really like interstate they no the tax laws they help my wife an I make sure it’s right for IRS we have been using them for about 20 yrs now”

– Mike Yocham

“We have been customers of IBM for over 25 years and fran is exceptional. she went above and beyond to help make our PPP forgiveness an easy and smooth process, just as she always does. We will continue to use them for many many years to come!”

– Destiny McDaniel

“Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness”

– Raquel Sobek

Dear Friend,

I have a feeling I know why you’re reading this right now.

You need more time in your day. Running a business is extremely demanding, and there just isn’t enough time in the day to keep all the plates from spinning out of control. And what you need most right now is more proactive help with your business finances and tax strategy. As soon as possible. In fact, yesterday would have been ideal. Am I close?

We get it. We’ve worked with plenty of businesses who have to cobble together 9 different software programs to keep everything straight, or who just wash their hands of it all and put everything on the credit card … and then try to clean up every year after the fact. And they know that this is no way to properly monitor profit margins, cash controls, account management, tax strategy and all of the myriad components of an effective financial system for a business.

Perhaps this is your story too. Or perhaps you’ve reached a stage of development in your business that you want to pass the baton of accounting to another expert team so your expert team can focus on what they do best: making sales and taking care of customers.

Or are you just starting your business and want to start things off on the right foot?

Whatever the reason, we want you to know that our team has been diligently and effectively taking care of the accounting needs of countless organizations in a wide variety of industries—discreetly and expertly handling the ongoing financial management of tax burdens, payroll, bookkeeping, and other comprehensive accounting services while providing expertise in business planning, coaching, and strategic consulting that many businesses need.

Because here’s a certain truth as it relates to taxes and your business: the State and Federal Government would love to have more of your business’ hard-earned money in their accounts. And yes, even though it’s painful, none of us begrudge paying our legal and fair share of taxes. But the problem is that regular business owners, like you, are missing out on legal and safe deductions, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in unclaimed refunds every year.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to hand more dollars over to the government than they require, just because you don’t know their rules as well as they do. You don’t have to live in a constant state of anxiety over the state of your books, feeling guilty about the time you should be devoting to keeping your business profitable.

In fact, to help you find answers to your questions, I’ve compiled some resources in the last couple of years, for business people like you, in response to the specific tax and accounting questions I’ve received from my clients.

Click the button below to take your first step, and receive a free report from us. We’ll rush your copy to you immediately

And of course, feel free to poke around our site and discover why I’ve been called “The Most Trusted Tax Professional  in the Dallas Fort Worth Area”.

Talk again soon,

Aaron Novinger


PS — When you fill out the form, we’ll also add you to our weekly email series on “Real World” Strategy for small business owners. Our readers enthusiastically forward these to their colleagues and peers all the time, because they’re not your standard “tax tips”.

PPS — Already want to come in? I don’t blame you … many people are fed up with trying to manage their financials on their own. Our schedule is very full … but if you call us at (214) 826-0003 or Email Us, we’ll give you two options for coming in right away. We will NOT make dealing with an accountant as painful as dealing with your books has already been!

More Customer Stories…

“Sonya takes care of both of our stores! We started using interstate because they were willing to log into our custom internal site to pull hours, an accommodation that was hard to find in a payroll company. She’s very flexible too with our occasional odd needs or adjustments. Thanks for everything, highly recommended!”

– Rasoul Ezzat-Ahmadi

“I met with with Shannon and Amanda, and as a start-up company, the service they provide are often challenging to acquire. I was astonished at the ease and professionalism offered and would recommend to any business, start-ups or established, to find time to meet with them as well.”

– Russ Lowry

“I talked with Amanda and Shannon today and I am extremely pleased with their professionalism and knowledge, and I’m looking forward to our meeting.”

– Ariana Wood

“I spoke with Scotty and Shannon today. Although I am not quite ready to utilize the services presented, I will be making that call the second my schedule allows. They were very professional and mindful of my time. I find value in this and look forward to doing business with them.”

– Felicia Dydek

“Been with them for over four years. Tommy does a great job on communicating with me to pick up and drop off paperwork.”

– Miguel Sanchez

“Interstate Business Management and my rep Tommy Tanner take all the stress out of keeping my books accurate and federal deposits on time. Customer service is always top notch with this group!!”

– Greg Ducato

“I have used IBM for the last 15 years. Their service is outsiding.”

– Ray Rue

“Spoke with Shannon today. She was beyond knowledgeable and professional. I look forward to our next meeting and would recommend her to any and all small business owners.”

– Bro R

“We have been using IBM for over 20 years. They are the BEST in accounting services! Always ahead of the game for their clients! They put their clients 1st and if there arises any issues with State Comptroller, TWFC or IRS, they are ready and prepared to go to bat for their client resolving all issues speedily and professionally, taking the stress off the clients table. They also are on top of ways to cut your taxes, and get revenues back in your favor!! No waiting when you need answers,, always readily available..I highly recommend!!”

– Carol Holloway

“We’ve been with IBM since we opened our restaurant and we’ve had a great experience! I love knowing that I can call about any questions I have and they will get it done. They were also very understanding during the pandemic and I truly appreciated that!”

– Carolina Cisneros

“Tommy and John has been tremendous and outstanding in helping our business for several ongoing years! They come see me personally! Highly recommend IBM for small business accounting and back office support.”

– Don Tran

“Shannon did a wonderful job presenting the business. I would highly recommend the company and especially Shannon.
Thank you and stay blessed.”

– Daryl Robinson

“Scotty and Shannon are always so helpful. They are always there for us to answer any questions or concerns. They make a great team!”

– Linh Vu

“I been using ibm for the last 10 years excellent work thanks Tommy ????”

– Happy Diaz

“Scotty and Shannon were very helpful, informative, and caring.”

– Esmeralda Geick

“Enjoyed speaking with Amanda this morning .
Looking forward to learning more and speaking with her again”

– Mark Holly

“Great service! Sonya has been Amazing always there to help. Interstate business management has always provided excellent service.”

– Vanessa Ruiz

“IBM has been taking care of our books for the past 15 years. John is quick to respond to any questions and concerns that I may have and Tommy keeps me up to date on any changes. The line of communication is always open with Tommy. I just send him a text with my issues and he gets back with me with answers right away.”

– Tim Bo

“I’ve been using Interstate Business Management for many years. Tommy is the nicest guy. He comes to our office every month and brings us our paperwork and will help with any questions or problems we have. I highly recommend Interstate Business Management for any accounting services.”

– Shelly Minich

“I spoke with Shannon via phone. Discussed options for my new business. Very professional and beyond knowledgeable when it comes to small business needs. Will be talking with her soon.”

– Brian Gates

“Spoke with Shannon and Amanda today. Very impressed and can’t wait to forward information to my family members.”

– Durona Ricke

“I have used them for my business for last 5 years. I have been happy with there service tommy my contact person has been very accommodating and helpful when I am in need of something”

– David Hernandez

“Honestly we can always count on them!!! We’ve been with them for almost 10yrs and wouldn’t have it another way!”

– Rosa Briones

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We are a 52 year old small business full service accounting practice. Our focus is relieving the back office stress and worry from our small business owner clients so they can focus on their passion, running their business and servicing their customers. We are unique in that we have dedicated service reps who go to our clients place of work rather than making them come to us. At Interstate Business Management, we have three primary focuses: Employer services, Employee Services and Retirement Services. Our primary services to our small business clients is customized monthly booking, payroll services and tax planning.